How to install KMSpico page. – Download KMSpico for Windows, Office and Server

Run the bat file as administrator.
2. The file will generate some DLL and exe (Virustotal links are below)
3. Use the activator to activate Windows/Office.
4. That's it, enjoy now

KMS and KMS 2038 and digital and online activation package v9.5

This tool includes 4 different activation methods.

KMS Inject, Digital, KMS 2038 and Online activations.

While creating this script, abbodi1406's script is referenced. Many thanks to him.

Some security programs will report infected files, which is a false positive due to KMS emulation. NOTE: The Winddivert and Digital Activation methods are virus free.

If you use these tools, remove any other KMS solutions and temporarily disable AV security protection.

If RETAIL Office is installed on your computer, VOLUME license certificates will be automatically installed during the activation process.

$OEM$ Activation About: 3 methods also support $OEM$ activation. To pre-activate the system during installation, copy the $OEM$ folder to the "sources" folder on the installation media (iso/usb). The $OEM$ activation method also enables the KMS job scheduling system during installation. (except digital activation method and KMS2038)

Virustotal results of the application's exe and dll files:

Total virus results from file KMS_Suite.v9.6.EN.bat (03/23/2023) nightcache=1

Virustotal results of dll files from the KMSInject x64 KMS.dll method (September 23, 2021) https://www.virustotal. com/gui/file/bcde6b7bbafa2b4eeb6c75f051b5949d27b49b4030e376a7838ba84e4e103daf

x86 KMS.dll (September 23, activador office ( 2021) https://www.virustotal. com/gui/file/c43ccfcc2f7ab3e2d229da6b1fb9715cc707991835108518cb0aa9a667ea15cc

A64 KMS.dll (September 23, 2021)

Activation Period for Activation Method Support Products

Digital License – Windows 10/11 – Permanent KMS38 License – Windows 10/11 / Server – Up to 2038 years KMS License – Windows 7 (VL) 8 / 8.1 / 10 / 11 / Server / Office – 180 day license (Task Scheduling KMS (required for a perpetual license) Online KMS License – Windows 7 (VL) 8/8. 01/10/11/Server/Office: 180 day license (KMS task scheduling is required for a perpetual license, this option does not exist in the script)

================================================================== == = ================================================= ==== == =======================


Windows 7 (VL)/Windows 8/8. 1/10 (ARM64) / 11 (ARM64)Windows Server 2008/2012/2012 R2/2016/2019/2022 Office (VL) 2010/2013/2016/2019/2021


– Office Retail (supported if volume license certificates are installed)
– Windows 7 (Home, HomeBasic, HomePremium, Ultimate)
– Windows 10 (Cloud S, professional single language)
– Windows Server (Foundation Server, Storage Server, Home Server 2011)
================================================================== == = ================================================= ==== == =======================


– Run KMS Suite on the desktop or in the root directory of any disk. Do not search for folders with long names or folders within the folder.
– If RETAIL Office is installed on your computer, the activation query may not show any results.
– If you receive the error "No instances available" during use, please close the script file and run it again.
– During normal activation in the Inject method, Windows and Office can be activated separately, but in the KMS task scheduling module and $OEM$ activation option, Windows and Office are activated together.
– Use the EXIT option in the menu options to close the script file.
================================================================== == = ================================================= ==== == =======================


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