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Last updated January 8, 2024

Are you looking for the best tool to activate your Windows and Office? Then you must download and install KMSpico as it is one of the best tools that everyone should have. In this article I will tell you everything about this fantastic tool, but I will also tell you if it is safe to use.

In this case, make sure to read this article until the end so you don't miss any critical information. This guide is for both beginners and experts as I uncovered some of the rumors that have spread around the internet.

Perhaps before proceeding to download or install a section, we should first understand this tool. You should check out the guide below about this tool and how it works; If you already know, you can go to another section.


What is KMSPico?
KMSpeak function
Download KMSPico Activator
How to install KMSPico
How to activate Windows using KMSPico
Activate Microsoft Office with KMS
Is KMSpico safe?

What is KMSPico?

KMPico is a tool used to activate or license Microsoft Windows and MS Office. It was developed by one of the most famous developers, Team Daz. However, it is completely free to use. You don't need to buy it or spend money to download it. This works on the principle of Microsoft's feature called Key Management Server, also known as KMS (the name KMSPico is derived from it).

The feature is used by large companies that have many machines in place. Therefore, it is difficult to purchase a Windows license for each device, which is why KMS was introduced. Now a company needs to buy a KMS server and use it when it can get a license for all its machines.

However, this tool also works on it and similarly creates a server on your machine and makes it look like a part of that server. The difference is that this tool only keeps the product activated for 180 days. That's why it keeps running on your machine, renews the license keys after 180 days, and makes the activation permanent.

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KMSpeak function

We already know what this tool means, so let's talk about some of the features you get with KMSPico. Reading this will definitely help you understand if you are downloading the right file.

Well, here are some of the features that KMSPico offers:

Activate Windows and Office

We have already talked about this before, since by using this tool you will get the installation key for both Microsoft products. Whether it's Windows or Office, you can get a license quickly; however, this supports multiple versions.

Supports multiple arc

Since this is compatible with both products, it doesn't mean you need to download separate versions for each arc. One version is enough and you can license it for x32-bit or even x64-bit.

It is free to use

Without a doubt everything developed by Team Daz costs us nothing. Likewise, using this tool will not cost you anything either since it is completely free. Other than that, it doesn't come with any ads, so using it won't be a problem.

Permanent License

Because of the KMS server this tool is installed on our PC, we will get the license key for the rest of our lives. This is because the license automatically renews after a few days. To keep it permanent, you must connect your machine to the Internet once every 180 days.

No viruses

Now comes the main feature of this tool that makes it famous among others. KMSPico is 100% pure and free of such viruses or trojans. Virus Total checks before uploading to ensure it does not harm our visitors.

Download KMSPico Activator

After reading the cautions about this tool, if you are ready to get it, here is how you can download it from our website. The download process is quite simple, but many people may not know it, so they will find this guide useful.


Simply follow the steps below to download KMSPico on your machine instantly:

– First you must click on the Save button that appears in this guide.
– 2. When you click on it, you will see a new pop-up window, and here you will see Download Now or Mirror Link button.
– Now click on Download Now or click on the Mirror link depending on you, once you click it will open another window again.
Download Now is for the Mega hosting provider, while Mirror Link is for the MediaShare hosting provider.
– After opening the website in Mediafire, click Download and a pop-up advertising link will appear.
– Here you will see the Mediafire or Mega website (depending on which one you open).
– However, for Mega users, you can click Download on the browser button and wait for the download.
– Once the tool is downloaded on Mega, it will be added to the Download Manager of Firefox, Chrome or whatever browser you are using. After that, the download will begin.
KMSPico download was successful and ready. I would recommend using IDM to increase download. Other than that, Mega Link would be perfect because it has the fastest servers and no ads.

How to install KMSPico

After following the guide above, you will have downloaded this tool anyway. Now comes the second part of this guide, which consists of installing KMSPico. This is not difficult at all, but somehow there are some precautions that you need to take.

As we know, this tool is used to obtain product keys, so it is not easy to install. That's why I am writing this guide, so that newbies don't face any problem.

Okay, enough talking. Let's review the steps below to install KMSPico:

First of all, we have to disable Antivirus or Windows Defender in case of installing this tool. As I said before, some antivirus and Windows defenders restrict this because it is used to obtain a license.

You need to right-click on the antivirus icon on the taskbar and click Exit, Close, or any other option that appears.

It would be better if you also disable Windows Defender, so open Start Menu > Search for Windows Defender and select the first option > Now open Virus & Threat Protection > Then in Virus & Threat Protection Settings, click on Manage Settings > Next, Disable Real-Time Protection using this switch.

Once Antivirus or WD is disabled, go to File Manager and locate the folder where you downloaded KMSPico.


Here you will see the zip file using Windows Archiver or WinRar. Simply extract the file from that folder.

When you extract the Zip file, you will be asked to enter your password to get a password from here and then enter that password.

Once the files are extracted, a new folder will appear and after opening it, you will see the KMSPico.exe application there. At this point, double-click the exe file or right-click and select Run as administrator.

It will then open a Windows installer, so follow all the steps you see there and install it like any normal software.

Once the installation is complete, click Finish or Close what you see there. Is that. We're done here too, so now you might be wondering about activation. Good! So it would be better if you continue reading this guide. In the following guide, I will tell you how to activate Windows using KMSPico.

How to activate Windows using KMSPico

Once the installation process is completed, it does not mean that this tool will work alone. But we still need to follow some steps to keep it working. However, you can refer to this guide for complete installation instructions and the screenshots attached below.

Make sure to keep Windows Defender and any other antivirus tools disabled. After this step, you can enable them again, so disable them first.

After disabling both things, now you need to follow the steps below to activate Windows using KMSPico:

First, right-click on My Computer and select Properties from the menu to launch System Information. Now here, check Windows activation and close it immediately after.

At this time, open the Start menu by clicking the Windows icon on the taskbar or by pressing the logo key on your keyboard.

Now search for KMSPico in the current section or search for this term and open KMSPico instead of AutoKMS (see image below).

Once the tool launches, you will notice that the Windows icon appears with just a red button.

You need to click on the red button and wait until you hear a sound. After completing the task, you will be notified by a sound saying " Program Complete".

Now you will notice that the background of the Windows logo has turned white, which means the activation was successful. After that you need to restart your computer and when you are done just right click on the My Computer icon and open properties.

At this time, scroll down and check the Windows activation status; If it's on, it means you're done here. Other than that, if you haven't seen anything, you should follow all the above steps from the beginning as you might miss some.

Maybe I think you will succeed in this. I also attached screenshots that may help you a little. However, this method does not work for Microsoft Office Action, so you need to follow the guide below.

Activate Microsoft Office with KMS

Above is the guide to activate Microsoft Windows using KMSPico tool. However, the guide is almost the same for Office as well, but there is still something you need to follow. You can use this guide for various versions of Office, such as 2007, 2010, 2103, 2016, and even 365.

To activate Microsoft Office with KMSPico, you just have to carefully follow the steps below:

1. As I have mentioned several times, the first step is to always keep your Antivirus disabled and, once this is done, let's move on to the next step.

2. Now, you need to open one of the Microsoft Office products, be it Word, Excel, PowerPoint or any other of your choice, and then minimize it.

3. After that, you need to open the Start menu from the taskbar.

4. When you start it, look in the current section and open KMSPico ; Otherwise, use the search box to type its name and open it.


5. After launching the KMSPico tool on your computer, you will notice the same button with the Windows icon, but at this time a new icon will appear (the Office icon).

6. You need to click on the red button in this window and wait for a few seconds.

After everything is set up, you will hear the same sound, such as Affirmative and Complete Program. After hearing this voice, you will notice that the Windows and Office icon background has turned green.

This means that Office is now successfully licensed; However, if the background does not appear, you will definitely have to follow all the steps again. Keep trying this unless the green background doesn't appear, but in case you keep trying the steps over and over again and the background doesn't appear.

This could be the reason why the tool crashes, so we need to manually check if it is registered. To do this, restart your computer and start any Office product. Once open, click Files in the menu above.

In the left panel, click Account and on the right side you will see your product information. Now check if you see the message “Activate Product”, if it is available then it is definitely registered. But if it doesn't appear, all you need to do is uninstall and install Office again and try if the problem persists.

Is KMSpico safe?

KMSPico is a Windows and Office key hacking tool; maybe there is no such virus or malicious code. This is 100% safe and even secure, although I checked on my own and found nothing. However, there are already multiple versions of this tool available on various websites, so there is a possibility that it contains malicious files.

Maybe the tool you got from our website is completely safe even though we have verified it on VirusTotal. That's why we are sure about our source, but be careful when getting it from any other website. Our team is not responsible for any damage caused by fire by downloading from any untrustworthy source.


There is no doubt that KMSPico is the best tool to get a license for Windows or even MS Office. However, in this article I have covered everything you need to know and after that I am sure you understand everything about this tool. Please use the download link provided on our website as using from some unknown source may harm it.

However, as I said previously, this guide is only for educational purposes who want to seek help in learning these types of tools. We never encourage people to hack as it is strictly prohibited, so you should avoid it and obtain a license directly from Microsoft.

This site is not connected in any way with Microsoft. Maybe we did this because many people search for this tool. After reading it you will be able to download and install this tool, although you will also be able to learn how to activate Windows and Office.

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